Brief Introduction of Deep Well Submersible Pump

The deep well submersible pump is a kind of high-performance of wear-resistant pump, manufactured with the leading pump technology which is introduced from the foreign pump industry company. The braking part makes use of the internationally advanced water immersion type stainless steel submersible motor, so there will be no pollution to water.

submersible pump It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and drainage. The submersible pump manufacturers widely apply their products to deliver circulating water to the thermal power plant, urban flood control or other water conservancy projects in the industry.

It is the combination of motor and pump which works in the water safely and reliably. There is no no special requirements for well and tube. It is easy in installation, use and maintenance, covering an small area, and there is no need to build the pump room.
The structure is simple, which can save raw materials in a certain degree. If the conditions are appropriate in the use of submersible pump has a direct relationship with the good management and service life.

The deep well pump does not run twenty-four hours a day, and a switch turns the pump off after water pressure reaches as high as sixty pressure per square inch. To achieve constant water pressure, deep well pump transfers water to a storage tank. The air bladder in the storage tank compresses with the flow of water from the pump. In this way, water psi is built up enough to travel through the home’s plumbing to reach the shower facets, toilets, and other fixtures. The psi will drop with usage of the toilet and other household fixtures. When water pressure reaches the lowest allowable psi, the pump turns on again. Pressure gauges are located on the storage tank not far from the pump’s switch. The water well pump must have a capacity to process the same number of gallons as the quantity of water fixtures in the residence. The distance between the residence and the water well will determine how hard the pump has to work. Most water pumps, however, will last several years even when the pump has to work harder.


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